...are an amazing way to communicate love and protection to your baby. They can hear sounds in the womb from 24 weeks, and the mother's voice is the most powerful of all sounds - they know your voice inside out! As well as being an amazing tool with which to bond with and calm your baby, lullabies have historically been a way for the mother to express herself and possibly her anxieties and sadness, as well as her love.

I hope you like this little collection. There are some super simple, repetitive songs, and a couple that I wrote as a backdrop to my own experience having a new baby. Some I wrote, and some were written together with parents of under 2's on my 'London Rhymes' project. 

Lyrics for the songs can be found here.

Also below is a sign-up form for an exciting new venture kicking off soon - a collab of personalised songs by me, together with art prints by awesome illustrator Hutch Cassidy. Sign up to be the first to hear when they launch, and for a discount on the first 30 orders!

Thank you,

Rosie xx

⭐️ personalised songs and prints⭐️

A truly unique gift for someone who's pregnant just had a new baby - a 'welcome to the world' song personalised with their baby's name. Along with a personalised Hutch Cassidy print (whose beautiful cards are currently stocked in the likes of Liberty and Anthropologie - yep) this is gonna be amaaazinggg!!! There'll be a 15% discount on the first 30 orders placed, sign up below to be the first to hear when it's out!

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