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Hey there!

I'm Rosie, a singer/musician, and I work with people of all ages, encouraging them to sing, write songs, and enjoy making music! 

Mama Sings was born out of the desire that I had as a new Mum to sing with my new baby. I just wanted to sing sing siiing, all the time, and (whilst I am a singer!) I just have a hunch that it's not just me – that we, new Mama's across the globe have that same desire... However I wasn't blown away by my spotify search of 'lullaby's' when searching for inspiration!

I'm on a mission to start the Mama Singing Revolution! To get new Mamas singing even more to their babies, to give them some new ideas of what to sing, to explore why it's even important, and even to bring something a bit new to the mix... (new songs coming out soon, if I keep saying it maybe it will actually happen). Please join me on the journey?