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So, most of what Mama Sings is about is about Mama's singing. But it's also a bit about me (LOL) and how much I love to make up lovely / helpful / crazy s**t songs for babies and how I'd really like to actually put some of them down on vinyl (mp3, i'm not that cool). I had most of these little song ideas when Oti was little and somehow through my sleep deprivation had the good sense to make some voice recordings of the mostly nonsensical ramblings (think me, my ear up to my phone speaker, look of confusion across my face, trying to make out recordings helpfully named things like 'Bus jazz' 8 months later. 

I thought it might be fun to give the songs the names that I originally gave them on my iPhone when I recorded them... at the time I was listening to 'Cartwheels' - how creative and poetic! Hm, further scrolling reveals 'Hum', 'Da', 'Da High', 'Baby Weird' and 'Splishibg' so maybe not. 

I'd also LOVE LOVE your ideas for song titles. Help me out guys, inspire me - give me some STRONG song titles of the kinds of songs that you'd listen to, or that you'd want to sing to your babe. 

Cheerio x