SO... here I am. 

I've been banging on about doing this for some time and have been waiting for the erm, right moment to do it. Turns out there's no 'right time' when you're a busy working person, let alone a busy working MUM. And I've only got one! (someone tell me how it works with more than one...?! I sometimes lose myself in a little reverie trying to actually work out how it actually works with more than one actual child. Lol!)

So it turns out that you had a lot of time before you had a child. But ohhh it's so painful now that you realise this, as you can't turn the clock back and make the most of all that glorious time that you didn't know you had. It's gone! But the great thing now is:

- You have a child / children - wow they're brilliant aren't they, well done you.

- You use your time soo much more effectively. I'm writing this more as a vision statement - I wish I procrastinated less than I used to but in reality, not sure I've cracked that one yet. One day.

- Being a Mum does clarify what's important to you and what's not. Sounds like I've nicked that from someone else and I probably have, but it is true. Both in terms of big life stuff of course, but also the nitty gritty of work - with less 'work time' (I'm 3 days), it does make me want to really enjoy what I'm doing and feel like it's still moving me forward. 

Anyhow with all that in mind, I opened this 'Mama Sings' conversation with husband last night and he gave me a hard time about the fact that I've still not done anything about anything, and the fact that LOTS goes on in my head doesn't mean that anything's happened does it. Just do it Rosie! ALRIGHT I'M DOING IT OK.

Here goes...