London Rhymes - some reflections!

'London Rhymes' is a singing and songwriting project targeting parents and young children under two in community group settings. It's delivered in partnership with Creative Futures, Hackney Playbus, community delivery partners, and led by me – Rosie Adediran, alongside a team of wonderful musicians. At the heart of London Rhymes is a desire to embed musical creativity and singing into the heart of the families, supporting those in the throes of new parenthood through music and song. It also seeks to challenge and question the 'nursery rhyme' genre for the modern-day family. What happens when we throw out the rule book, taking our ideas and inspiration from the direct and everyday experiences and challenges of families?

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Singing and hypnobirthing - the Q&A

The lovely Lydia from My Hypnobirth asked me a few questions for her blog recently, related to my Lullaby Edit project - I was really happy to, as I love hypnobirthing. It really got me through my own birth experience, though that's a whooole other story, one for another time (!) And I've recently been thinking about the links between it and singing, and how one really feeds into the other. Singing to your baby is a hugely bonding experience, and this doesn't need to just start when your baby is earth-side. As well as the bonding aspect, there's the fact that your baby is listening in, and tuning into your voice from around 26 weeks....

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Mama's Voice.. it's pretty spesh.

Last week I gathered together the musicians that will be involved in my Mums and under 2's songwriting project coming up this year, and we had some amazing training from Zoe Palmer... I was really inspired by some of the research that she brought along, around how music and singing fosters the very first intimate relationship that you experience as a person – with your mama! 

Mama's Voice is the ONE

t's actually pretty incredible. As you'll know, your baby is listening to Mama's...

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London Rhymes!!!!

So, you might know that a couple of years ago I did a project supported by Sound Connections called 'Hoxton Rhymes' - which involved myself and other musicians crashing Hackney Playbus sessions and forcing Mums and babies to write new songs with us (whether they wanted to or not mwah ha) Then the incredible artist Claire Fauche made some beautiful animations which we made into a great website and app. CHECK IT OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! Also all the videos on the Video page are basically from this project!

Anyway - fast forward 2 years and we've just secured funding from Youth Music to do SIX MORE PROJECTS!! I'm so excited...

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