About Rosie


HI!! Thank you for visiting! Here's a bit about me.

The practicals: I live in Hackney with my husband Rob and baby Otis and work part time as a singing leader and musical director, something I fell into after moving to London in 2008 whilst doing my masters. Mama Sings came into being last year, and here's a bit of the story of how...

I had my baby (Otis)s in 2016. Whilst I've been leading creative music projects for years, leading choirs, singing projects with kids, writing new songs and music and all sorts - a penny dropped when I had Otis. The desire to sing to him and with him was STRONG (and still is), and chatting to other new-Mum friends (crucially, that aren't all singers!) I realised that it's common to lots of new parents - singing suddenly becomes something you're doing every minute of the day, whether it be twinkle twinkle or making up a nonsense song to try and get your wriggly baby to stay on the changing mat. 

I started to have a little look to see what was our there for parents searching out songs for their babies online... Erm... yep. There wasn't very much out there in the mainstream that I wanted to subject my new baby, or myself to! Yet it can actually be a huge part of parenting, and has been linked time and time again to wellbeing, bonding and mental health outcomes. In my work as a music leader, I observe the value of singing on a daily basis. 

So I decided to bring me as Mama and me as singer/songwriter/ music leader together under one roof -💥 MAMA SINGS💥 , to think a bit more about this ol' singing and parenthood malarky, to share with you some of the great projects I'm doing with parents and kiddies, as well as some of the songs I'm writing that I hope you'll like.

Things I feel passionately about;

  • Real music, real instruments, real voices in music for little people
  • Music that doesn't hurt the senses, us parents have to listen too! And why would we expect our kid to have to listen to stuff that we actually think is s***? Let's give them the benefit of the doubt!
  • Inspiring parents to sing, and sing with your children. It's your voice that your kids really love, that they really want to hear! Not mine.
  • The role of singing in bonding and attachment building. They've been listening to your voice Mama for 9 months (+!) in the womb, and babies hear love, comfort and protection through the sound of your voice.
  • Singing everyday with your child has been shown to help relieve the effects of PND! 
  • Singing together, and writing songs together. I lead a lot of projects writing songs with other people, and specifically, parents and babies. There's a lot of great ideas lurking around, I love trying to draw those babies out so to speak.

Some examples of the work I've done and people I've worked for below - and pics for photographic evidence. Check out my Linkedin for more. I'd love to keep in touch with some of the events, releases and news. Stick in your email address below and I won't spam you, promise...

Rosie xx

WORK: Musical Director, Early Years and Creative music leader, Songwriter, Choir Director, Vocal Animateur and Singer

EXAMPLES OF PREVIOUS / CURRENT EMPLOYERS: Southbank Centre, Wigmore Hall, London Music Masters, Creative Futures, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Voices Now, Aldeburgh Music, MultiStory Orchestra, Breathe Arts Health Research, Spitalfields Music... and more.